Why Farmers Prefer Drip Irrigation over Other Systems?

The appearance of COVID-19 has halted global activity. We are aware that businesses across industries have had an unprecedented effect as a result of the health crisis. Nevertheless, this too will pass. Increasing government and corporate assistance can aid in the battle against this extremely contagious disease. While certain industries are booming, others are in difficulty. The pandemic is expected to have an overall negative impact on practically every industry.

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Water distribution is accomplished by the use of drip irrigation in several agricultural practises. A significant reason why the drip irrigation method has become so well-liked in recent years is its capacity to reduce water waste and increase the amount of nutrients ingested by the crops. The significant expenditures being made in the R&D of new products will result in an expansion of the drip irrigation market as a whole in the years to come. The prevalence of several agricultural subsidies will help drip irrigation technologies spread more widely over the world. Additionally, the market will expand as sustainable farming and agricultural techniques are emphasised.

The research includes a number of variables that have influenced the market’s expansion in recent years. A trend in favour of market expansion has been the rise of product releases. Numerous businesses are looking to make significant investments in the creation of cutting-edge concepts as a result of the consistently expanding demand for drip irrigation systems around the world.

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A few outstanding goods have recently been produced as a result of the application of contemporary technologies. The debut of a new drip irrigation system product was announced by Rivulis Irrigation in August 2019. The business unveiled “Manna,” a satellite-based software programme that would be incorporated into drip irrigation systems all around the nation.

The current drip irrigation market trends in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Europe are examined in the research. The market in Asia Pacific is most expected to provide the largest revenue among these areas in the upcoming years. The market will expand as a result of the rising number of farming and agricultural activities in several of the countries in this region. The Asia Pacific market was valued at USD 2.08 billion as of 2018, and it is anticipated that this amount would rise in the years to come.
November 2019: The Tamil Nadu government in India announced an increase in the amount of the subsidy given to farmers who grow sugarcane using drip irrigation.

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