A Robot Who Works Like A Normal Factory Worker

BigDog, Spot, Stretch, and Handle are robots created by Boston Dynamics that replicate the movements of humans and animals.
The newest iteration of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot, which has better human-like movement and motions, was introduced. In a YouTube video, the robot company from Waltham, Massachusetts, showcased the humanoid robot with grippers and demonstrated its capabilities. The robot is depicted carrying out difficult tasks like collecting and throwing an object while negotiating challenging terrain.

In a video uploaded to Boston Dynamics’ YouTube account, the company’s Atlas Robot can be seen moving like a human while navigating a difficult area. While holding onto a toolbox, the Atlas Robot is also seen grasping a plank and leaping to spin it around, carrying it, and setting it in place to build a bridge so that it may move between two platforms.

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The Atlas Robot can then be seen traversing the platform bridge it built while tossing the toolkit to the individual standing atop the scaffolding. Boston Dynamics is referring to the manoeuvre as an inverted 540-degree, multi-axis flip.

The Atlas Robot then theatrically continues to do a flawless backflip while still on the thin platform after successfully passing the toolkit along to the person on the ledge above.

The demonstration demonstrates how humanoid robots, like the Atlas, may eventually take the place of humans in tasks that, if carried out by people, carry a danger of death and serious harm.

The recent deployment of robot dogs for autonomous inspection at US National Grid facilities was seen as a result of Boston Dynamics and IBM’s collaboration. At the electric and gas utility facilities in Massachusetts and New York for routine inspections, IBM Research has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into robotic dogs dubbed Spot.

Boston Dynamics’ innovative foray into using robots in practical settings and applications hasn’t always gone smoothly, either. The NYPD terminated the agreement after receiving criticism for selling Spot to regional police forces, including the NYPD.

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